Our Mission

TransDevelopment Group is a world leader in the design and development of cargo distribution facilities for the railroad, automotive, and marine industries. We specialize in the intermodal connectivity among trucks, trains, and ships. Over our 26-year history, we have witnessed the heightening awareness of environmental and sustainability issues in our work. At the same time, we have striven to incorporate and add to the best practices of our industry’s siting, planning, design and construction projects.

The importance of managing environmental impacts is underscored in transportation terminal development, as this industry plays a major role in the worldwide movement of commodities and products. As global consumption continues to grow, it is increasingly important to understand, plan, and manage the impacts associated with our work. Within our areas of specialization, we believe that environmental responsibility can be framed by practical, efficient, and low-cost solutions.

Terminal development projects often diverge from the norms of typical land use and commercial development. Open-air distribution facilities can be 100 acres or larger, often with less than 10,000 square feet of actual building area. In such cases, widely accepted certifications such as LEED are not as applicable. The question for our industry’s unique needs: what standards are most appropriate for measuring and managing environmental impacts?

Terminal Green has been created to address the special characteristics of modern freight terminal development. Through this initiative, TransDevelopment hopes to connect with our clients and development partners to create a forum for planning sustainable approaches to development. Terminal Green consolidates the relevant facets of environmentally responsible design, construction, and operations into one place. Over the years we have been diligent students of both the physical and operational aspects of our industry, and this initiative allows us to leverage this knowledge to the benefit of clients and peers. This website offers a knowledge base for an array of technical, design-based solutions as well as case studies and examples of other facilities and organizations which employ model "green practices."

Most industrial companies have a "green" or "environmental" policy. However, many companies do not have a program that sets out a realistic implementation plan. And even fewer have a program to present and market their successes to their customers and the general public. TransDevelopment would like to work with our partners to identify and establish viable and strong programs, as well as to communicate their successes to their customers and neighbors.

So what are reasonable steps your company can undertake to have a meaningful impact on our environment? We are here to help you explore these possibilities.